Limenex is officially open to the public now! In order to motivate WHT members to try us out, we are offering a 50% DISCOUNT for your first invoice or 25% DISCOUNT for LIFE!! You can pay by monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually!

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Why Limenex?

* We are selling at profitable prices to keep us in business in the long term.
* We underutilise our servers to improve websites' performance.
* We offer REAL 24*7*365 helpdesk support.
* Experienced Technical Support Team

If you're experiencing horrible support, frequent downtime and poor customer experience, making the switch to Limenex is the wisest choice! We are not only good in ensuring you get good uptime and support, we do our best in preventing abusers from sharing a server with you by having strict fraud checking policies and build a business model around quality, not quantity, which attracts abusers.

Do you know that many web hosting companies advertise big and fancy servers and claim that it will improve user's experience when in fact, the bigger the server is, the more accounts they put in the server, which effectively nullify the benefits of the bigger server! Limenex doesn't do so! We invest in decent-sized top quality hardware, spread accounts across multiple servers and underutilise the servers to ensure optimal performance for our customers!
For example, Host A uses a server with a capacity of 500 accounts. Limenex will use 2 servers with a total capacity of 500 accounts and sell much less than the actual capacity the hardware allows! By doing so, we can ensure that our customers' accounts are spread across multiple servers to increase reliability and have more room to breathe. With such practise, we will have better flexibility when it comes to CPU and RAM limits.
Average Server Configuration:
Quad Core Processors
Multiple SAS 15K RPM Hard Drives in RAID

Our Shared Hosting Plans
(sh) Plan 1
1,500MB Disk Space
30,000MB Bandwidth
$3.95 per month
$2.96 per month after 25% DISCOUNT!

$1.98 per month after 50% DISCOUNT!


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(sh) Plan 2
5,000MB Disk Space
100,000MB Bandwidth
$5.95 per month
$4.46 per month after 25% DISCOUNT!

$2.98 per month after 50% DISCOUNT!

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(sh) Plan 3
10,000MB Disk Space
200,000MB Bandwidth
$10.95 per month
$8.21 per month after 25% DISCOUNT!

$5.48 per month after 50% DISCOUNT!

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Features List:
* Unlimited Domains
* Unlimited Email Addresses
* Unlimited FTP Accounts
* Unlimited MySQL Databases
* Daily & Weekly Offsite Backup
* RVSkin & RVSiteBuilder Pro
* Softaculous, Installatron & Fantastico Auto-Installers!
* 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Full List at:

What's more? You get additional discounts when you prepay for 3-12 months!*
3 Months - 5%
6 Months - 10%
12 Months - 15%

*Terms & Conditions for $1 Promotion:

- Coupon code is valid for the first 10 orders only. (I.e. can only be used for 10 times)
- Limited to 1 promotion per customer.
- Eligible for new customers only.
- Only valid for month-to-month contract. Customers who wish to prepay, please send a ticket to our sales department.

You're probably asking if we are making any profit by selling at $1! We admit that it is unprofitable but we want more people to try us out!

Many of our competitors are selling at $1 as well, but they are not delivering the quality service that customers expect! To make sure that we are delivering a high quality of service, we don't cut unnecessary cost in order to lower the prices of our services, unlike some of our competitors with low prices and quality!

Our servers are hosted in WebNX's datacentre in Los Angeles, CA.

We only accept PayPal for payment. All accounts take up to 1 working day to be provisioned manually to prevent fraud.

For more information, please visit our website:

Do not hesitate to contact us by Submitting a Ticket at our Helpdesk!