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    Linux or Windows

    If you are a growing hosting company offering only shared linux hosting plans, would you think of expanding with shared windows hosting or go in to linux vps and dedicated options?

    The reason why i am asking this is because i think linux is the server of choice in the future but windows is also very aggressive with their offering.

    As most of you are already in the business, what does your experience say about this?

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    If you have already established a great client base why not. Windows hosting is continuing to grow.

    Just takes somewhat an investment but again if you have no trouble finding clients, why not.
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    Yes, i would agree with you on that, with an existing client base it will also be easy to sell shared windows then to immediately sell vps or dedi servers.. but with the growing open source apps would windos become redundant in a couple years?

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    Give it a shot. Just make sure you have sufficient Windows expertise in your team.

    Whether Windows will be redundant or not does not matter. As long as Microsoft keeps marketing Windows as a server platform, there will be a market for you to serve.

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    I prefer to stick with Linux personally. Focus on one thing and be good at it.
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