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    Hi there,

    I wondered if any of you have any experience of which would be the better domain to register or

    There won't be any off-line promotion for branding etc. This is strictly a hobby site and I'm not looking to make money but I want it to rank ok so that people can find it.

    Any thoughts appreciated.


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    one word domain is always better, than with hypen.

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    I'd the telephone test. Which one is easier to say & be understood on the phone. fredsmith vs fred hyphen smith.

    From a ranking perspective it doesn't matter if it has hyphen or not or is a dot com or a dot org. Many popular sites rank well with a hyphen.

    ie: &

    ...also (so you don't think its expert-sex-change)

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    According to me would be better.

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    Unhyphenated looks better for a personal site; if you were developing a site for profit you might want to go with .com just for the slightly greater value.

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    Non-hyphenated takes the lead here. However, before going big, you might just want to contact the owner of non-hyphenated .com owner and offer them a good price to buy that domain otherwise, trust me, after going big, you will lose a high amount of typo traffic and at that time the .com owner probably won't be willing to sell the name as he will be enjoying high parking revenue.
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    Non-hyphenated is better than hyphenated. But .com also takes the lead on .org so i think you should trythe aniqa suggestion if you failed on that then you can go for .com with hyphenated

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    For a hobby site, without a profit motive, I'd go with the non-hyphenated .org. Either would work equally for search rankings.
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    Thanks everyone. I am going to go with the unhyphenated org. I really appreciate your thoughts.


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    agree with babaluda. single is always best.

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    I'd recommend you to register domains without any hyphens..
    no doubt, .com will be much better and valuable.

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    I'd register both, .coms cost nothing these days. And as was said, it'd be worth contacting the owner of the now. If you look small time and they're small time, they might sell it for very little. Would be much harder if you get popular.

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    .com is much better then .org . you never predict about the future so better go for a .com domain name.

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    I would definitely go with the non hyphenated domain because it's easier to say in spoken language which will help with your word of mouth advertising. It would be even better if you can get a non-hyphenated domain that is a .com. Good luck!

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