We are continuing to purchase established dedicated and VPS web hosting companies or clients. We are also buying defunct web hosting companies ARIN space.

First things first, you would need to make sure you have COMPLETE details on your company/clients to sell off. That includes ALL of your licenses, expenses, server costs, any contracts or other obligations. We need a complete profit and loss with realistic expectations for a buy out offer.

In regards to acquisition, we offer a few options:

1. Lump Sum Buy Out.
2. Smaller Lump Sum with Remaining Payments Over Period of Time.
3. Long Term Take Over with Monthly Recurring.

We have had a few smaller companies opt for the third option. With this, they end up getting a smaller lump sum payment for their clients, and then get paid a monthly commission (like an affiliate) for each client as long as they remain a client.

So for those who are established with a long term client base, this is the best option. We will take good care of them for retention and offer some of the best bandwidth prices in the industry from a fast growing company.

As long as they remain a client and rebill every month. Whether 12 months, or 12 years, you will get a cut of the action per account. Every month, you get a check on the clients that have been sold to us.

Obviously this is best for us, as well as the seller. You will make more than most will offer in a lump sum cash offer in this economy.

We are decent sized web host with hundreds of servers, as well as hundreds of VPS clients, that are not planning on going anywhere. If you have something of value to sell, clients or company, make sure you send it over for our consideration. We are will work out a WIN-WIN for both of us.