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    Company directory script - need

    Hi WHT,

    I need a company directory script. I found lots of scripts. But I want; this scripts must be have, special page for every company. As a b2b script..
    For example this is alibaba company listing page:
    And this is single company page in alibaba:

    I want only that's directory system. I don't want trade system.

    Do you have an idea any scripts like that?


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    Your best option is order a custom script which can accommodate all of your requests.
    If you're ready to invest some cash, then there will be no problem .

    I also saw directory script which was made based on wordpress. You can try to google that, this might need less money to invest than a full custom script.
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    I'd also advice you to invest in a good custom script. There are several benefits of custom scripts, the best one is that no other site uses that script and it makes you stand out in the crowd.

    Anyway, I just searched google with "b2b clone script" and the top few results are providing clones of several famous b2b sites and probably one of which might fit your needs.
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