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    Looking for VPS softlayer network


    I'm looking for some XEN or openvz VPS
    located in softlayer network just softlayer

    node :
    Processors : Intel xeon (16 core)
    ram not less 24 GB

    I would like a company that is active for some time already

    i have Programming company and want Cooperation to produce vps hosting

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    Good question
    Look into QuickWEB, they can offer you what you're after :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wintereise View Post
    Look into QuickWEB, they can offer you what you're after :3
    +1 vote for QuickWeb. Great selection of top-notch data centers and prompt support. These guys know what they are doing.
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    i recommend quickweb. i use it for a month now the testbox vps
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    Another vote for Quickweb, good stuff.

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    Hostgator is in softlayer network too.

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    +1 for QuickWeb - well worth it
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    Quickweb is good as well as Clubuptime. I have had good results with both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by n47412 View Post
    Hostgator is in softlayer network too.
    HostGator is not on the Softlayer network.

    They are on the "The Planet" network that was recently taken over by Softlayer.

    It's not the same thing. Softlayer has not rebuilt the network that pre-existed.
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