We are looking for a few programmers who might join our web development team.

Our requirements are pretty simple
- English must be your first language
- Play well with other teammates
- Live in the United States
- Accomplish tasks on time
- Efficient with PHP/MySQL

We work with mainly PHP / MySQL and starting VB .Net

Your first project will involve using Adobe Professional to create form fields on a PDF and then create a PHP Script to preform calculations that will be used later to fill in your PDF.

A short demo can be given on how to use Adobe Professional to create the forms. It's extremely easy. Don't worry if you do not have a copy of Adobe Pro. We currently use version 7.0.

Your first project will be paid on commission of how well you preform, mostly working by yourself.

This could turn into a full time position by mid summer if all works out.

Please email [email protected] with a short list of qualifications. Please note if you know PHP/MySQL or VB .Net

- Jon
Software Development Supervisor