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    Talking PsyberGaming - Minecraft, Nexuiz, Warsow Server Sale!

    PsyberGaming LLC. Independent Game Server Sale!

    News and Features
    • We have begun to offer low cost Nexuiz, Minecraft, and Warsow Servers
    • Offering free/low cost web hosting with every order!
    • Instant setup with ALL GAME SERVER ORDERS!
    • 1 step mod install with most popular mods, if we don't have it we will set it up for FREE!
    • Superior support with Game Server Techs that are experienced and ready to go

    1st off, feel free to use the coupon "PSYBERFTW" to receive 15% off recurring on your order! Applies to most game servers!

    Nexuiz Game Servers
    $0.99 cents a slot
    ($0.85 cents a slot with psybeftw coupon)

    Order Now!

    Warsow Game Servers
    $0.99 cents a slot
    ($0.85 cents a slot with psybeftw coupon)

    Order Now!

    We have plenty of other game servers as well, check them all out here

    Minecraft Servers
    • Full FTP Access, Full Access to, full access to mod setup, no delay in installation times
    • 512 MB for $15 USD
    • 1 GB for $25 USD
    • 2 GB for $50 USD
    • 4 GB for $100 USD

    Available Locations: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York

    Order Now!

    Please Note
    • Coupon "psyberftw" excludes any voice server, game server PACKAGE, and dedicated server deals
    • We are one of many premier game server providers that offer low prices for quality game servers

    How are your prices so low?
    • We own and operate all of our own equipment
    • Each node is generally a Dual Harpertown server with a minimum of 8gb of RAM
    • We colocate our boxes at premium datacenters with our own cabinets

    Still Not Convinced?
    Read our review @ GSPRating
    We offer a 3 Day Money Back Guarantee with ANY game server
    We provide help and support with any 3rd party addon, map, etc.

    Switching from another provider?

    Contact us at [email protected] with your invoice and we will provide you with a 50% off recurring (Not applicable to Minecraft as our prices are low enough as it is)

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
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