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    i am writing to you here because i still haven't heard from your support team (doesn't necessarily mean you havent responded, my mail service seems to poop out every once and a while) and the bulletin board on your website is not working. ive seen a representative of burstnet post on this forum before, so im hoping i can get somewhere by asking some questions here. maybe clients of theirs might know the answers also

    first i should let you know that i was a past truehosting client, and this is why i am asking questions. i have posted previously on this board as ?

    1.) why doesnt anything in my control panel work? a couple of things do... but for the most part things are under construction. telnet doesn't work, it says it is loading but never loads.

    2.) what is the path to my directories? i don't know if it is:
    /home/username/public_html or /home/domainname/public_html

    3.) when will your service be fully functional? the control panel is my main concern, since nothing seems to work.

    4.) when will your bulletin board be working so i can direct these types of questions there instead of using up space here!?

    5.) how are you dealing with the billing issues? i paid for my account with truehosting for the entire year... will burstnet know this or try to bill me some more?

    those are the only questions i have. number 5 is the most important, if you will be billing me some more then i dont want your business and will search for a host elsewhere.

    thanx, and i hope it wasnt inappropriate of me to post these question here.

    still orbiting

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    1.) Brand new Control Panel 3.0...still a little buggy. For the most part 90% of things work, just a few things including webmail, telnet, and a few other minor things are still being added in.
    2.) /home/username/public_html
    3.) Our service is fully functional. BurstNET® has been in the hosting industry for 5 years now, and has an excellent reputation.
    4.) We may be disabling this feature. We had this active for 2 years, and clients rarely used it.
    5.) BurstNET® will be honoring your billing with TH, atleast as far as advance payments go, and keeping current rates. Of course, we cannot issue credit for billing dicrepencies or disputes with TH. BurstNET® is still sorrting thru the client database and records from TH, as soon s that is done, we will be able to contact TH clients regarding everyything. In the meantime, we have not been supplied with a workable contact list, and have had to take the tedious task of compiling one ourself.

    Warm Reagrds,
    Sean R.
    Online Rep

    To place an order, or for more info, contact;
    BurstNET Technologies, Inc.®
    1-877-BURSTNET - (570) 389-1100
    [email protected] ---
    P.O. Box #400 Bloomsburg, Pa 17815-0400 USA
    The Best Value For Your Dollar On The Net!

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    Post service is under pressure...

    I am hoping their CP 3.0 is up and running soon - as far as I know they been trying very hard for the past week to get it done.

    I think what save their repution is their front line first level of tech support people like Keith and Patrick, who is always listen to us and try their very best to serve us. As far as I concern, Keith is the only one that kept us up-to-date via e-mail.

    As for their sysadmin people, they are just the typical IT senior support staff who doesn't really understand customer service. They do what they feel like, If they want to response your e-mail, you are the lucky one.

    We have many clients with them and are happy with what they got. Since third week of last month when we sign-up our own account with them, our account is still not 100% operational....

    Have a Terific day!

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