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    SERP rank benefits?

    Hi I'm wondering what sort of effect having a dedicated server has on Google SERPS, at the mo I'm using 1&1 shared hosting for a few sites, the server's based in Germany. Does it help in the UK Google having a UK server? does dedicated go higher over shared?

    basically my question is can anyone vouch for any difference it makes? - to be honest the 1&1 shared servers are fast and reliable, apart from for google I'm not sure what other reason there is to switch, - so I'm interested.

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    It used to be you got dinged if there were lots of sites on the same IP. ditto if the domain ccTLD and IP block were in different countries.

    Nowadays it doesn't matter so much since ElGoog realise that many sites are on shared hosting and hence the same IP. Good content matters more.

    Word of warning though: 1&1 have a horrendous track record for customer service. All to quick to take money but if something goes wrong, start praying.

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    Set up your targeted country in google and bing webmaster tools.

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    I would also say, having a domain is going to provide much better serps in than having the same domain as a .com. It makes a huge difference.
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