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    For testing purposes: Xen or OpenVZ?

    I'm trying to learn the basics of server management and to tweak test servers, is OpenVZ enough? I'm thinking of getting a Xen server because you can modify the kernel. What can you guys say about it?
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    If you need to modify the kernel then you need a Xen VPS full stop.

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    I'd recommend Xen.
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    Managed services as an option.

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    I would say use both, probably start with Xen and when your comfortable move over to OpenVZ - you can never get too much experience.
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    It really depends on what your end goal is. OpenVZ has shared swap and pretty much is a shared VPS setup whereas Xen has much better dedicated resources and swap. If it is just a bunch of sites you want to put together that don't need dedicated resources then OpenVZ is the way to go, if you are selling to customers and guaranteeing resources then you need Xen.

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    If you want a feel of close to "real" dedicated server, I'd recommend you go with Xen VPS.
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    Just like what CHHosting said, I want to feel I'm working with a dedicated server as much as possible. I'm looking into doing everything from scratch, OS, optimization, security and all sorts of configurations needed. Just for me to get a few knowledge and experience on server management. I don't mind the space and bandwidth as long as there's enough CPU core and RAM provided. Unmanaged is good also

    I see it's XEN then?

    What if I install a virtual machine on my PC with CentOS, will that do any good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by woojin0391 View Post
    What if I install a virtual machine on my PC with CentOS, will that do any good?
    It's definitely worthwhile. However, don't expect the performance to be outstanding. Virtual machines don't usually like to be run on desktop hardware. Not only that, but to run Linux ontop of Windows in most modern hypervisors, you need a modern processor with hardware virtualization enabled.

    A Cheap $5 VPS somewhere is definitely a good start. I would start with OpenVZ as it's more of a challenge to secure, but that's just me. I like a good challenge
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    It all really depends on what your testing. If your looking to mess around with the kernel then go with Xen.

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    Xen is better.

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    why not have a xen vps and then load up openvz containers? - this was you can work with and test both

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    Xen-HVM is great which emulates full hardware, so you can modify, compile and run your kernel if you like.

    Xen-PV is okay but unlike the case with HVM, pv-GRUB is necessary for PV to boot your own bzImage.

    For development purposes, you can also try installing one or more UML-based virtual servers on your own desktop computer to save cost and experience the fastest network response. Actually, I managed to install UML in my OpenVZ VPS.

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