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    What is a fair price?

    What do you think a fair proce (approximate) to buy this server:

    dual Intel Xeon Gulftown E5620, 8x 2.4Ghz cores, 16x HT cores, 2x 12M L3
    supermicro X8DTL-iF dual socket 1366 server board, 6x DDR3 DIMMs
    12-Gig (3x 4G) DDR3-1333 ECC registered, 3x open
    4x Seagate 146G Cheetah 15K.6 SAS 15000rpm
    Adaptec 2405 4-port SAS hardware RAID-10 controller
    on-board Intel 82574L dual GB NIC ports
    on-board Matrox G200eW Video, 8M
    on-board IPMI 2.0 Adapter w/KVM-over-IP & dedicated NIC port
    supermicro 1U SC813MTQ-520CB rackmount chassis
    4x Hot-swap HDD carriers, 1x4 SATA/SAS backplane
    supermicro 520-watt power supply
    1U rail kit

    Also, any suggestions as far as the components?

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    I'd say about $400 - $500/month possibly?
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    No no - to buy the whole server, not lease monthly.

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    $2800-$3200 - DataCenter Infrastructure Management - HELLO DEDICATED SERVER & COLO PROVIDERS! - Reach Me:
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    Thank you.

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