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    Search Engines


    bit of a pointless topic

    however i'm creating a mini search engine within a company intranet only, and i wanted to give it some kind of "catchy" name or something thats got a "buzz" to it..

    anyone got any ideas for a name?

    look forward to your ideas

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    Maybe make it somewhat relevant to your company name or a parody of it? What kind of products is your comp focusing on?
    Alternatively, you can play around with a cool web 2.0 domain name generator tool like this one:
    Hope that helps

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    Let me think...hmmm....hmm...
    I found it!


    How does it sound to you?

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    "FindThat" is quite good! May be accompany with a magnifying glass (for letter 'd') and create a logo!!
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    - domain name is available for leasing on 1 June 2009 - Inquiries > [email protected], so please hurry if you like it!

    - No, no not the d letter. Use a magnifier over the a letter to make it @.

    - Wait a second... I will draw you an example logo for you.

    You can use it if you like it. I also attach the photoshop file....

    Merry Christmas
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