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    * Affordable, Reliable Server Administration!!

    Since 2002, Linux Tech Networks has been in business securing, monitoring, and administrating servers. From investigating downtime to fixing problems, Linux Tech Networks has done it all. Take a look through our packages and offerings:

    System Administration (view more). Our systems administration packages start at $65/month for the basic admin packages.

    Spam Prevention(view more)
    Linux Tech Networks handles multiple types of spam. Whether your datacenter is saying you're sending spam, or you're just getting too much, we will work with you to find a solution that can work for both you, and your clients, and supervise that solution for 30 days to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

    Apache recompile/php hardening ($45) (Order Now)
    Need specific modules compiled into your webserver? Need to compile php to actually run safely without harming customer data? We've been working with clients for a number of years and have developed a "safe" php distribution which will
    A> Help you identify scripts which are spamming on your servers
    B> Reject implicit recipients
    C> Provide a reasonably secure environment for your clients to operate in.
    While nothing is 100% secure or safe for your clients to operate in, we employ a number of scripts, patches and the like to harden php so that your servers are safe and sound

    Server Restoration
    Whether your server has been hacked, and needs a complete recovery, or you simply need someone to go in and investigate what has happened, we have been doing this for customers for years. Please Contact Us for pricing and assistance

    Software Installs and upgrades *new* ($25) (Order Now)
    Please note that this is web based software only (ie: phpnuke, etc), not system related software. System related software is installed at our normal hourly rate, as this is most often more complex than web software.
    Supported software for web based installs:
    • php-nuke (and derivatives)
    • Modernbill
    • AWBS
    • geeklog (custom themes available at no charge)
    • phpbb
    • Vbulletin
    • e-Kayako
    • perlbill
    • perldesk
    • SMF Forums
    • much, much more (just contact us if you have questions)

    System Monitoring (More Info)
    System Monitoring is crucial to keeping your server up and running. Would you rather your CLIENTS let you know about downtime, or would you rather not have to worry about it at all? With our monitoring packages, your server is checked from 3 separate locations, not by using ICMP, but by using valid tcp checks, which will verify that the response received is what is expected. As well, load, and system resource monitoring is available to prevent critical issues BEFORE they happen

    Custom Programming
    We've been doing PHP and Shell based programming for close to 10 years and have the experience to get what you need done when you need it done. Please Contact Us with your requirements and project for a quote.

    Name Your Price
    Not liking the prices you see on our page? Do you have multiple servers and want to tell US how much you'd like to pay? Please, feel free to use our contact page and we will respond to all reasonable requests as soon as possible!

    Hourly Work ($45/hr) (Contact Us)
    Need a one time job? Please, feel free to contact us for an estimated quote. Most projects can easily be completed within an hour, however some may take a tad bit longer.

    Of course that is just a small list of the services we provide. We do provide full CPanel and Directadmin support. If you have any questions, we're always ready to help you out, just Contact Us and we'll help you out as soon as possible!

    When doing business online, it is important to do business with individuals who are experienced, respectable and honest.
    At Linux Tech Networks, pride is taken in the work that is done, and it shows. Take a look through what our past (and present) clients have said
    here (multiple dates),
    here (12-04-2002),
    here (04-18-2003),
    here (06-10-2004),
    here (11-06-2004),
    here (01-04-2005),
    here (08-29-2005),
    here (03-16-2006),
    here (07-21-2006),
    here (01-05-2007),
    here (01-09-2007),
    here (05-14-2007),
    here (05-13-2007),
    and here (04-05-2008)

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    Could u check my threat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcpkrc View Post
    Could u check my threat?
    This sounds like something that would be done at an hourly rate. Please do contact me to see what can be done and worked out.

    Unfortunately, there really are no guarantees in life, though this shouldn't be too hard to fix. Like I said contact me and I'll see what we can work out.

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