I've got a Rackshack ENSIM server. A couple of my sites are using mySQL and so it is getting to the stage now where it is really important to make sure there are back-ups of everything including the databases.

Now I read the ENSIM faq and it talks about back up and how to back up and FTPing and all that, but then it says "Important: The backup does not back up the MySQL database. Please use phpMyAdmin to back up your site data."

OK, so what do other folks do? What commercial services do other people use and what is the cheapest and most cost effective way of getting someone to do this.

Ideally I would like to have all my data on my server back-uped once a day.

I know I can get another hard drive with my server but at $79 set up and then $29 a month, it doesn't really seem the best way to do this, especially as I think a back up should be outside of Rackshack.