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    Setup dedicated server for video streaming

    Hi guys! I have a dedicated server and i want adjust it for making live streaming. I want to transmit live events ( video ). My server is linux - centos 5 - wich application must install and how to setup in order to have url with port.

    Thank you!!!

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    thanks bsolaris... Some scripts with money or free?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djgps View Post
    thanks bsolaris... Some scripts with money or free?
    wowza media not free you need to pay for it , yes it works on your centos server
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    Thank you all for the answers! I want to buy a script once and not pay for it every month. If i want something like that i would rent server for streaming video. But i want to install it once and for all for personal usage. Is there some script for one time and reasonable price?

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