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    Serious Plesk issue!!

    Hey guys,

    So apparently our named.conf file for dns was cleared randomly, which we have no clue how it happened. The box holds one of our partner/resellers clients but some VIP clients.

    All email on that server is down and some domains.

    Does anyone know how to restore DNS to this server since that file is cleared??? Plesk is taking a ridiculously long time to reply to tickets.


    Edit: Windows server by the way.

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    As per my experience.. plesk is the worst hosting control panel. Even we are talking to Plesk on some of our VERY serious issue.. and they are not able to resolve it for last 9 days.

    The only option is to talk to Parallels... and best of luck.

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    Does Plesk have a File Configuration Rollback or Scripts that may help you with this issue in the command line?

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