I am looking to find/hire a consultant who specializes in highly customized PHPNuke theme development. This includes knowledge of PHPNuke addon modules and themes. If you know of someone or are someone who knows PHPNuke EXTREMELY well, then please contact us.

1) PHPNuke - must know it inside and out and be able to modify code.
2) PHP - knowledge of PHP is REQUIRED (I don't know how you would know PHPNuke without PHP)
3) MYSQL - knowledge of MYSQL Database is also REQUIRED
4) PLESK Server Administration - Knowledge of how Plesk + PHPNUKE integrate with each other and problems that may arise. NOT required but highly recommended.
5) Be able to work with us flexibly and direct us in the right direction. We will start paying at $XX per hour in May.

I am releasing a new venture, and this person will be extremely important to it. Please contact me at dherman@icomputerservices.com.

Thank you,