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    Looking for Dedicated Server Plesk Semi-Managed Hosting

    I think this is the right place for this, but not completely sure.

    Here is what I'm looking for:

    2 Dedicated Servers, one Unix (freebsd if possible but not 100% necessary) one Windows. 1TB disk raid0 on each. Processor/Memory to support 500 domains on the unix side and 200 on the windows. Basic hosting, email, small db's no large/complex DB's.

    Latest Plesk panels for each, unlimited domains

    32 IP's for each

    Remote desktop for the windows server, root (ssh) for the unix

    Backup options for user data

    Looking for the host to manage the hardware/OS/Plesk updates, 24/7 support, and possible help with the initial migration of the sites

    Would *really* prefer if servers were located in the NY/NJ area.

    Not looking for super cheap, more concerned with support and reliability.

    Please contact me at bb55 (at) Thanks!

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    What is your budget? And also are you looking for managed servers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by locke815 View Post
    What is your budget? And also are you looking for managed servers?
    Not completely managed, just in case of a problem. Unsure of budget, want to get quotes. Again willing to pay for good service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bb55 View Post
    1TB disk raid0 on each
    Please reconsider that. One disk dies and you'll lose data on both disks.

    Consider spending a bit more to a total of 4 disks to get RAID10. You'll get the RAID0 performance with the redundancy offered by RAID 1.

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    I think you need to split this up a bit to make it easier to do price shopping.

    1. 2 dedicated servers, 1 Windows 1 Unix, with Plesk licenses and 32 IPs for each. 1TB RAID1 or RAID10 (trust us, you really want this) storage; 8GB RAM or more (I think 8GB will be enough for what you are talking about).

    2. Someone to assist in managing your Plesk install. This does not have to be the same company that sells you the dedicated servers - they should take care of power, network, hardware, software licenses.

    There are other companies that will manage your Plesk for you for a set price per month - check reviews of those services here on WHT. Probably for a negotiated fee, they will assist in migration of accounts to Plesk.

    This way, you can more easily focus on finding first, the best place to get your dedicated server and then, the best people to remotely login and help you manage the setup.

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