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    I've just got my first client, now what?

    I recently landed my first small web project. I'm creating a website for a small organisation of which I know the owner. However I want my first project to be as professional and take it seriously despite knowing the client. We've already established a fixed price for the project as it will be a small website and will not require a cms.

    My question to you guys is, what do you do once you've got yourself a new client? Do you write them up a contract, a proposal? etc. I'd like to know each step you take to the very end.

    I'd just like to really know what others do so I know what to do for my future clients. I realise there are probably questions like this but the only ones I could find were 5+ years ago.


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    Firstly congratulation goes to you. Do the job perfectly as the client want. Try to finish the job in a write time. Make a good relationship with the client. After ending your project give the client a good feedback which will help you to have another job. thank you

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    Congrats! My only advice is to treat all clients professionally. Whether they're strangers or friends, business is business. Put everything in writing and be professional about the work and the money.

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    Congrats on the gig, that is always exciting.

    As you are trying to keep it professional, I would most certainly write up a contract. This could be as simple or detailed as you want to make it. Likely the format of your contract will change as you learn from each job.

    Some pros for the contract, other than the professionalism, is that it will spell out the price (even if it is already agreed upon) and the specifications of the site. Any developer can tell you scope creep can eat into profits very quickly.

    As you know the client, simply tell them that the contract is you learning to do things professionally. If they are not looking to get one over on you they should have no issues with signing one.

    Good luck and have fun!

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