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    Question Joomla with Magento Bridge?

    Hello, i run a Joomla website for a local PTO, Parent Teacher Organization (aka PTA) and we are doing a small fundraiser. It would be nice to use E-commerce for this. I am pretty familiar with Magento and so i was thinking about using this:

    Has anyone ever used Joomla with Magento before? If so, can you share your experience with it?

    Thank you!

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    So i'm basically looking for the best of Joomla's CMS and Magento's E-commerce (both of which i'm faily familiar with separately) with a bridge solution like MageBridge that i linked to above.

    I just to make sure that it will be secure.

    Thank you again to anyone that can give any thoughts or personal experiences.

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    Magebridge is awful to work with and really you should just pick Magento or Joomla rather than trying to parse two different things together. Magento is enough of a beast to work with without having to deal with all the crap Joomla brings along.

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    Joomla + extension for Magento

    Hi Computer Candy,

    I spoke with one of my co-workers who works as a full-time Magento Administrator. Basically, I asked for his opinion about using Joomla with the extension for Magento. His reply was much like Slinky's- just keep them apart. You can link into it from the Joomla side, but don't try to integrate.

    You can theme your Joomla site (or your Magento site) so that they look similar, and then link into the informational side (the Joomla site) and when you're trying to sell something, then bring your customers to the Magento side of things. Additionally, remember the resources that BOTH of these solutions consume. If it's going to be a very large site, make sure that your hosting solution is up hosting it without any issues.

    Hope that helps!

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    I have seen lots of services that provide Joomla Magento integration services, with user merging and other nifty features like design integration and theme designing. Try to do Google search.

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    If you need a simple web shop, I'm sure that there are components that are native to Joomla that can fulfill all the requirements.
    If you need a web shop with better options select Magento and abandon Jooomla (or keep it completely separate).
    There is no integration that would justify the extra effort that will be required to have everything in place. And not to mention the additional resources that will be required to concurrently execute both applications.

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    Ok, sounds like both are fine when kept separate but integration has not been so great for people. Because our finished CMS site is already Joomla, i'll keep that and might just do a separate store with Magento.

    However, I might also look for a small Ecommerce addon for Joomla since we won't be selling much. I'm just not sure i trust the security of Joomla with credit card info and such.

    Anyone have experience with a dedicated Joomla Ecommerce solution that can comment on that part?

    Thank you again everyone.

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    Every One is giving you a suggestion of Magento. I know Magento is a best tool for Ecommerce shop website. But Check PrestaShop as well.

    We should not have to forget it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by alastairbrian View Post
    Every One is giving you a suggestion of Magento. I know Magento is a best tool for Ecommerce shop website. But Check PrestaShop as well.

    We should not have to forget it...
    I'll check it out. Thank you.

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