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    What do you think?

    Hi Guys,

    So let me know what you think, should we pay the web designer this week? ?

    All feedback welcome.

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    Are you VAT registered?

    You don't have the VAT number on your website..

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    We're waiting for HMRC to send it to us (we applied two weeks ago now), but we will be and It'll go on as and when it arrives!

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    It looks really nice. Smooth and clear, I like it.

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    The design looks nice and sleek. Correct the "email" and "password" boxes alignment in the header. Also, try to improve the design and layout of the contact form.

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    I'm with DistributionCloud on this. The header area needs the password and email address aligned, maybe drop the login button down to do it.

    The contact form fields appear to be crammed against the field labels. Just a bit of space will make it look better.

    Other than that, it looks smooth.

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    Mate Your Site looks good, clear and Loading time of you website is also good.

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    To me I don't like the greyness of it, makes it look plain when it's really not but it's an okay design.

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