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Thread: Test your IQ

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    It said my IQ is 105! (Quite challenging... Ya gotta THINK before you answer the questions)

    30 questions..... (At the end just put in a bogus name/email address .. your results are given right on the page)

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    I got a 135 and took the whole 15 minutes. Tests like this are always kind of fun. I wish they showed you which questions you got wrong though!
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    111 - well that got my mind of things for a bit.

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    Guess im sort of average at 108.

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    I wanted to test my IQ for a long time now. Now limme check how much I still got high up there. I'm gonna comment back my result.

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    Just finished the IQ test, just had a result of 102 . Ehhhh! I had 105 from my official IQ test in my school. Awwww.

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    110 - Not so awesome

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