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    Looking for opinions on a server/hypervisor

    It has 12 low frequency physical cores (2 x AMD OPTERON 6 CORE 2419EE 1.8GHz), 32GB of RAM, and 12 1TB WD-RE3 hard drives. I could easily make three 2TB luns, or two 2TB luns and one 512GB SSD lun with four spare HDDs =D

    It seems to be marketed as a "storage server" but I was thinking of using it as a hypervisor. Any opinions?

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    Do you mean to use it as a standalone VM host with local storage? It could work but you wouldn't have any kind of HA, and no LUNs to set up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FastServ View Post
    Do you mean to use it as a standalone VM host with local storage? It could work but you wouldn't have any kind of HA.
    I plan on putting about 2-6 of them in plus a cold spare. One thing I'm looking at is OnApp Storage which actually replicates DAS/Local Storage across other hypervisors.... So I would only use about 40-50% of the storage space per hypervisor.

    I was mostly concerned with the general specs of the system.

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    No idea on the raid card in the system but over seems fine... I would check for full support with ESXi 5.
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    The first thing you will run out on is RAM. So at least double it.

    If you want to use it in combination with onapp storage you will need ar least 4 nics.

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    that's quite a bit of storage per hypervisor. You know that you don't need raid etc on the OnApp storage, right?
    Did you try the beta?

    Agree with other guys here, I'd add some more ram and probably loose some of the storage.

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