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    $250, what is the best raid card I could get except for 2405?

    We have Adaptec 2405 and have mix feelings on it
    been wondering what is the best raid card I could get except for 2405 at $250?

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    It's a good card, just no write cache because no BU option. However they work fine and perform well. You can probably get a rocketraid card, but i definitely have mixed feelings for those. Up your budget a little more and you can grab a 3ware card.

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    You can go with the 9650SE-4LP
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    Adaptec 6405E or LSI 9240-4i.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RSNET-John View Post
    You can go with the 9650SE-4LP
    9650SE is no where near performance of adaptec 2405

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    You *can* enable write cache on the 2405, it's just risky as you can't use a BBU, but it's possible to enable. [not that I'd recommend this but if you wanted performance on a budget and had good backups this is an option]

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