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    Cool Pricing (to sell) 16GB but lesser CPU servers?


    We have some older hardware, like single and dual core Opterons, with lots of RAM but of course, "lesser" CPUs.

    I am trying to figure out what to charge for them, as dedicated boxes.

    Any rules of thumb for pricing older-CPU but high-RAM configs for sale to folks?

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    Im no reseller/seller myself but i do know the avarage price of pretty much all hardware from the diffrent hosts after loooooong searching for my budget/spec requirements

    Anyways, can we get full specs on the chips/HDD/bandwitch/network/ram(ddr2 i assume as you mentioned its older chips) as theres ALOT of diffrent chips and overall quality, also are your firm concentrating on support or just to get the cheapest servers out there, managed/unmanaged?

    Please provide some info, you gave us nothing, a older chip could be everything from a e8500 to a pentium 4 cpu.

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    I don't quite know why the providers are not just maxing the boards out with RAM. Its of no use to you sitting in storage! It would make alot of the deals in the offers section alot more tempting.

    Its really off putting seeing a nice well priced average spec box with 2gb of RAM and the provider wants an extra 40% of the server cost to double it!

    I would be trying to push as much RAM into the thing as possible to make a sale!

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    OK, here are some typical servers we have:

    1. Sun V20z, dual Opteron 248, 16GB RAM, 500GB storage

    2. Quad core, E5420, 16GB RAM, 500GB storage

    Both have 5TB monthly bandwidth on 100mbps port, 1 IP.

    The storage is on a RAID-ed SAN or NAS system over private Gbit links.

    We "snapshot" the filesystem every night, giving you a complete backup of what the disk was like at that moment in time. We have 3 snapshots for each system configured, so unless you have a problem that is more than 3 days old, we have it backed up for you.

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    Hardware is just a portion of the cost of a dedicated server, so it's really up to you, your business model, and your target market on how much you'd like to sell them for. I'm not sure how appropriate shared network storage is for typical server use, as the increased latency compared to local storage is going to be significant, but those boxes might be appropriate for some type of VPS or Cloud setup, where RAM is typically the bottleneck, CPU doesn't matter much, and storage is often on SAN anyway.
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    Would be great if there's a couple of offer that is given out.For some applications or database usually the ram is the bottleneck and yeah i always search for a server that is cheap,yet the ram is a lot doesn't really care much about the CPU power though at least dual core is happy

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    I assume you've already made your money back on the servers, so just look at your cost to run them (keep in mind the power use is higher on these than newer servers), and price according to what margins you're looking to make. If they don't sell, bump down the price a little bit. If they still don't sell at the minimum price you're willing to rent the box for, well, time to get rid of the hardware.
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