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    Arrow Looking for a Active Partner in Running Business

    Looking For Active Partner in Running Business

    I am the Director & CEO of a tech support organization. Its a self funded organization.We had a staff of almost 30+ but due to recession issues we are now dropped at 6 - 7 . Still we do have things running and we are assisting a couple of hosting organization as well as running few other hosting brands.We were 2 partners however my other partner has became too silent and useless and he seems to be not interested in running the business. Since I am the core member who started the organization I have decided to let him OFF from the organization as I am really seeking for further progress of the company for which I am looking for a partner now.

    There are number of support services that the organization provide and have the capability along with the setup ready for the operations. Since it was a massive shot for me to retain the employees and other things you can see that it will be some thing like start up organization.

    I am not looking for funds or investments , however any contribution made will be really helpful.

    What I am looking for is as below.

    1) The partner must be very active , self motivated , great communication skills

    2) he should have patience , marketing skills

    3) I am not expecting him to work full time, but should be ready to work atleast 2 - 3 hrs per day.Assisting me in getting new business for the couple of brands that I am running.

    I am open for any new ideas , proposals , suggestions etc...

    I am really looking for serious individual as I am looking for long term and fruitful relationship.

    If you are really interested and have got the skills as I mentioned , please contact me at [email protected] or can add me on skype , Skype ID - drewpan2

    Thank you.

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