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    Open Source Software: OS Install, Monitoring

    Can anyone recommend reliable open source software (Linux) that can do the following?

    - server monitoring / health check (various ports for Linux/Windows), disk health, CPU temperature, etc
    - automated OS installs that can be done via KVM/IP for Linux/Windows

    Thank you.

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    Server monitoring - Nagios, MRTG, Webmin

    Automated OS installs via KVM - Proxmox, haven't dug into many others...considering I'm understating what you are actually trying to do.
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    For monitoring and alerting, we've recently switched to OpsView (built on top of Nagios).
    Our service desk personnel get alerted via email and jabber for quick response.
    Before OpsView, we have a basic Nagios setup.

    For additional metrics, we've used Munin to chart/graph various stats (cpu usage, load avg, disk io, net throughput, memory usage, etc) so we can correlate various events with spikes/drops in various stats.
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