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    Dofollow blogs are supposed to be in a related niche, what if my site is actually a forum on many different subjects and doesn't follow 1 niche?

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    so what do you want to do? wanna targeted multiple keywords?

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    Niche subject in your forum site is very necessary for getting the quality back links in very less effort but if you don't post any niche subject in the forum accepting post on general subject then you will have to more focus on the multiple keywords to rank well in the search engine.

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    Your forums still may have some niche (e.g. marketing, trading, automotive etc.) or had you covered all the topics in one? what is the url of your forum?
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    If your site is a forum that includes different subjects then you should go for main subjects of forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debatechampion View Post
    Dofollow blogs are supposed to be in a related niche, what if my site is actually a forum on many different subjects and doesn't follow 1 niche?
    I can't really see a problem here. If you have multiple subjects then blogs on any of them are open to you? Your anchor text would just need to reflect the particular blog subject.

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    I can give you a really good article about blog commenting for SEO and its "Usefulness"

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    It`s not a problem , I think you have a good chance then to rank for different keyword and you can have a very wide database from do-follow blogs in different niches

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    Thanks for all the info

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    Try and rank for one keyword at a time, you can then expand your keywords once you know that the links you are creating are working

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    IMO I would choose the topics that receive the most traffic and posts as your niche and focus more on that since your users seem to like it better, then base your SEO around that. You can still have the other off topic forums!
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    Can anyone tell me how I find Do Follow blogs?

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    This will not make any problem if you have different topics. You need to emphasis on specific keywords and continue good practice of SEO regarding those.

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    When you are posting on blogs always make sure it is relevant to your niche. Otherwise it may hurt you unless it is very high pr it usually wont matter.

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    I believe your forum do need to categories every thread should go to so you able to go for the niche. Or you just pick what famous topic of most discuss topic keywords as your target keywords and get dofollow blog niche to do backlinks.

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