My name is Jon and I’ve been involved in the hosting industry for 10+ years, operating and investing in web hosting providers specialising mostly in dedicated servers. I am seeking a partner with experience at the top end of management of a web hosting provider with revenue preferably $1M USD + for a new and exiting opportunity in our industry covering a wide range of web hosting services.

• EXCELLENT written and verbal English
• Either living in the US, or Europe
• Available via phone, email, and Skype
• 21+ years of age
• Competent in general business and investing fundamentals.
• Funds to invest

This opportunity will require investment at a pro-rata level to myself (which I am doing heavily), this and any other value you bring to the table will determine your equity level if an agreement is made. Please bare this in mind before contacting me.

Email – edediuk [@] gmail.com
Skype - edediuk