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    Content Creator in German and French


    i am looking for a content creator that can write in both languages. French and German.

    The content that i need is very specific but i can provide english content for guide.

    I need long articles +/- 1500 words and will need at least 15 articles now.

    Will also need 1 article per week for content updating.

    If you are interested give me a quote and examples of your work if possible. If you do not have a portfolio we can make 2/3 articles for testing and if i like them the work is yours.


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    I can put you in contact with a native French translator....former UN interpreter in fact, he's done work for a few companies here.

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    You can pass him what i need or give him the link to this topic and if he wants to give me a quote that's fine for me.

    Again, thanks a lot.

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    Here's his email: pierre.balsam at just drop him a mail.

    He may well do German as well.....I'm not sure, so worth asking.

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    I can do the content in French as french is the second langage in my country, i studied french for more than 15 years
    contact me sokkah.salim at

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