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    Arrow Some Questions about Cloud Domains

    Hi Guys,
    m not familiar with the Cloud Domains and 've a few questions about it. i hope to get my questions answered by Domain Experts around here, there is a lot to learn...
    #1- I know about Cloud Hosting, but Why all cloud names are already taken? what makes the cloud domains expensive and why people are crazy about it?
    #2- Is it good to invest in buying Cloud domains?
    #3- just to understand the value of cloud domains, can anyone give me rough idea of the value of &
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    Obama Cloud makes no sense, Media Cloud could be interesting.

    Theres many well known brands that do not have any "cloud" in the name. A good brandable domain is just that... a good brandable name. | Tennessee Based Hosting Provider.
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    As long as you are smart with buying the cloud names. Dont buy names that dont make an sense and dont hand reg any names, all the good names are gone. Rather buy decent names on the aftermarket, thats the only way to get decent names.

    I started getting cloud names a few years back and I have had some nice success, selling various names from mid xxx up to high x, have to be patient with them though

    I also sold for around $8K the other day

    Good luck all

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    719 is a good name. Cloud name does more matter with hosting and some other related words but not for all. and may help you to check value of your sites/domain name.

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