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    * starting with small cloud hosting

    hi all, my name is paul, i am starting a litle compny with cloud host (specific iaas and paas) i am thinking serius with openstack, i buy 8 server hp with 2 xeon quad core each, and 10 3tb hitachi and 16 sas driver for only system, but i am debated myself is better cloudstack than openstack, my service are based in company service ( programs seller, database, and other company stuff) btw sorry for my english, but i want if can recomend me a litle about that i search a lot information in web, and i am thinking if i mount a file hosting too, and well scale when service go to mid (yellow) line you understand me, network i prefer mikrotik (routeros) redundant, and static ip with good bandwitch. and well the other service..

    PD: i know about networking, virtualizate, server, service and others. because i have my litle company and i working with that, server 2003, 2008, linux sas, nas, vpn, ppoe, ... bla bla bla.. but in cloud i am litle scared, i hope understand and i appreciate the help or orientation can guive me for complete my path. big thanks too all.
    PD2: Btw i prefer intel that amd, i read a lot and say is better for "vt-x" that amd... is true?
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    jeje but i need more help for some stuff, scape to my hands, and i want a litle help to get clear my ideas. or what i need. i am seeying cpanel for the vps and hosting reseller but, i dont know if is the best for this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninopaul View Post
    jeje but i need more help for some stuff, scape to my hands, and i want a litle help to get clear my ideas. or what i need. i am seeying cpanel for the vps and hosting reseller but, i dont know if is the best for this...
    Hi paul, I am not sure what you need. Because you didn't show a clear view on what you want to do. The only thing i understand is you want to open a small cloud hosting company and want to ask some opinion.

    I assume that you is a person with server knowledge, but i didn't found you got a good business planning. If start a hosting service with 0 customer base, i prefer you start from a reseller hosting plan. That will make you start to understand what is web hosting service. But if you will like to do some Iaas or Paas, then start from a cloud vps.

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    big thanks aky, but that is the cuestion i have, i am making the list (big list) whant i need to cloud, or what i need it, because i have small list, but searching and searching i get information, because right now, i my order list, need to make for run cloud are, openstack(cloud controller) hadoop, well php, mysql, i am trying to search what i need to make a vps, but, you have right when say i dont have a clear business planning, the idea are, for macking server the enterprise i work can safe their info (backup) in a controlled zone, and i am trying to migrate their server to my server because theyr have soft really really hard to install if i migrate to my controlled zone i can automatizated my work, becasue i am consultor/technician and implement (it guy) i have right 9 enterprise in my charge, all with differente requirement, for that i start my idea for making the businees of hosting reseller, cloud reseller, with all featuresm but i want a litle help to get my path more clear, sorry for my bad english bro, and thanks btw

    if can making a list for what part i ned start (obvius server no xD.. i say in program, i am thinking.. openstak, hadoop, ganglia, nagios, cpanel, (searching for server for vps) vmware esxi, xen, vpn, vlans, routers (i go to used routeros l2 - l3 - l7) and others) but my idea is get a opinion for make a list for start a small cloud/hosting enterprise reseller.
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    btw i am serching for billed like cpanel for cloud hosting.. what are they? cpanel work? for sell iaas? ... well another question i cant resolve
    if know can make a list for all starting cloud hosting too

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    Cloudstack and Openstack are very similar in terms of functionality. Don’t forget to look at OnApp and vCloud Director.

    For billing there are lot's of options it would all depend on you budget really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by umbeehosting View Post
    Cloudstack and Openstack are very similar in terms of functionality. Donít forget to look at OnApp and vCloud Director.

    If you want it to be turnkey, OnApp will work with you to figure out what hardware you need and help you set it up.

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    yup thanks for the info also i am seying this i am "think" can help me to resell panel. also seying if are xen or vm hypervm also... openvz ( i am seying is the worst). for reseller panel i search and find this:

    virtualmin , ispconfig, cloudmin, cpanel, parallel, plesk, solusvm ... and others ( a long list i write in papel right now and high hour searching, i am buying right now server left me 3 moths to guive my local (store) and have full implementation to work. in 1 month i have the lab running with real client ( my portfolio of business customers ) for test ( i have 12 business i work consultor/it )

    btw thanks but vcloud director but are TOO expensive xD.. is the same i buy a house in my country ...

    and btw really is hard too find work good with openstack/hadoop... some reseller panel, But I will write more information when i have found something that works, with this, in 2 week i mount lab, and i can guive acces if want see.. i dont care. but is my start to create this cloud work and big thanks too all! for help me with this tips! i appreciate.. i am searching like crazy.

    pd2: i am seeying for iaas, paas, vps, this is what I'm directing since more than all my services are business, almost like amazon (my future dream to make!) but i think can do hosting too, but is not a really i want it. jejeje but is a really hard found cloud reseller panel...
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    all the best Hope you make a wise choice !!

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    i am thinking for this onapp + hostbill grant almost all feature like amazon (link ) i am thinking is the best for start, more expensive i want it.. but the best choise, i continue research over openstack, guive me i hope but i mark red this is because is my second choise!

    pd: hope is last can die.. but i open this post to discuss too over other solution and learn about that (is a big world)

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    and do check out others like Flexiscale and Eucalyptus.

    (if you're not extremely tech savvy - dont go near openstack / cloudstack - especially controlpanel wise they have a long way to go)


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    yup have all reason, control panel in those have a really long path.. btw i see flexiscale, the more forum say are slow more that ispconfig... and cant do much things with that... with eucaliptus i have in check list for test when my server come to dady.... and well i go to test all control panel "free" and put too the "paid" panels (free trials) and well if want can put inside and touch too. i get open almost all for 1 day for try to understand each, and well, decide..

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    the biggest problem will be ddos from time to time, believe me ,you virtualazation will run fine and you network is going to be your biggest problem.

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    yup! have all right.. when i have all, to start my first deployment (in house (lab) ) because the next week is my server come, i have here 3 mikrotik (routers) and i think put in head of network a x86 with software routeros.. i have ccna, ccnp, but, i love more routeros (i have mtcna) more flexibe i think.... and more power for route, well but i am studyng to for get more perfomance / stability and i go to test first. i have to wait 2 month to give me the shop to work. but i need help (tips) here thanks to mike open the eyes in onapp and hostbill i love it! (almost same panel to aws) but i try first with cloudstack is more cheap .. if i cant in 1 month... well i purchase licence of onapp.. and this over xD... but in 1 month i can put all work (test in lab / and enviroment.. as I said I have 17 companies where I work as a systems administrator / server (server room manager) but well, anyway thanks for everything, I will gradually enlarged this post, so nice to be giving my Actual experiences and learn process and continued to do this. but it is always good to have someone else that can guide or give some tip to take the right path. Thanks to everyone for the support.

    PS: I'm in this project i am alone, and is more hard, if i have help with some know can help me, maybe network guy, or server guy.. well you understand me..

    btw if have more info over this, i appreciate. thanks in next week i post diagram i want implement... ( picture )

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