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    Prevent spam


    I am receiving spam from different servers where they fake the email addresses to addresses that in same cases belong to me.

    I have activated SPF and domainkeys in all accounts but i keep on receiving these spams.

    These spam all try to get personnal data and ask people to send a message to an email account hosted in an account from Ezzi.

    I chated online with an ezzi representative and they said that the client has been already blocked and was given a second chance.

    I filled dozens of reports to spamcop before doing this. I sent 3 more abuse samples to Ezzi.

    What extra measure should i take to not receive more of this kind of spam ?.

    Tehy have same dozens of text variations but the commun ground is to ask to send an email with personal data to the domain ezzi is hosting.

    Thank you,

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    Postfix mail server can stop spam coming from (fake) to If you use such server, it is possible to stop this fake emails coming from your addresses (apparently).

    In general, is not a very good idea to block emails based on one criteria only (RBL, missing RDNS etc.). On long term, you will lose legit messages. Thus, blocking messages without SPF/DKIM will make more harm than good.
    Logical filter systems are a better choice. These solutions score each email message on all levels (connection, header, content, attachment etc.) using various techniques for each level.

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    I sincerely apologize that our chat person answered in this manner. At we have recently had a huge increase in the number of SPAMMERS and are working extra hard these days to ensure we keep our IPs clean.

    If at all you still have an issue -- or see something out of the ordinary, please inform us - send me a PM and I will address it immediately.

    I did not see this post of yours till now, when I was doing a monthly search against our name.

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