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    Should I submit both www and none www website url in Google?

    Hello everyone,

    When submitting my site to Google in Webmaster Tools. Should submit both www and none www at the same time? My site is already automatic go to www when even when there is no www enter. Will Google think it duplicate contents and it is bad for SEO?

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    is your website url showing on address bar with www or without www? just copy from there without 'http://' & submitted it on google webmaster.
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    Google takes www as a mirrow of your site by default.
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    I would recommend to choose whether you want your site presented as or just Then make sure you force a redirect on the one you want people to always see in the address bar.
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    It's very good that you redirect to www.
    Yes, you can submit both versions. Choose the www. as the "preferred domain".
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    yes submit your website with both versions and then set your 1 preferred domain in Google Webmaster Tools that you like.
    if you set www version then also redirect non www version to www version by adding the 301 redirect code in .htaccess file
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    There is detailed info given about "www and none www" in Webmaster Tools help titled "Preferred domain (www or non-www)". So, it will more help you.

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    When I go to Prefered Domain setting I get this message:

    Preferred domain
    Not all options are available because of a Change of Address request related to this site.

    When I type in my url in my brower, without the www it redirect to www. Should I still add the none example to Google? Will Google see it as duplicate content and bad for SEO?

    What do you guy think?
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    you should Force redirect with 301 to maximize the google rating for your site.
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    You don't need to submit it at Webmaster Tools. Google can find it without it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theseller View Post
    you should Force redirect with 301 to maximize the google rating for your site.
    I think you should read OP's post properly. Redirection is already done. For OP your website is doing fine(redirect non www to WWW). no need to add both URL in Google
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    www and none www has different display of backlink, i suggest you both use them.
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    Submit your domain with www in google webmasters tool..
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    Re:Should I submit both www and none www website url in Google?

    If your website's address automatically redirects from none www to www website, this means your website is free from the canonical issue which is very good for your website. In this case you should only have to submit your site once with www and not twice.

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    Just make changes in preffered domain after submitting your site in google webmasters tools.
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    with or w/o "www"

    You should determine whether you have a "preferred URL"... then concentrate on your preferred URL...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lookright View Post
    You should determine whether you have a "preferred URL"... then concentrate on your preferred URL...
    Yes he is saying correct from SEO point of view you should use either www or without if used both google robots got confused and treat as different sites and this affects keyword rank too
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    Post I should submit WWW and non WWW URL ?

    We can submit WWW and non www website url but only we should fix our url with one www or nonwww url. If your site is open with both www or non www url so there can be create duplicacy. so for removing the duplicacy we fix our url with www or nonwww with the help of canonical issue code.
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