Want to stick with your current host, but need enhanced DDoS protection? Now you can.
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At DDOS Hosting Solutions we understand that variety is the spice of life. You may not wish to be restricted to specialist DDoS protection web hosting providers. So we've developed an intelligent new product that allows you to stay with your favorite host and benefit from powerful, effective remote DDoS protection.

Key Features of DDHS Guard
  1. DDHS Guard is intelligent. It filters out 'bad' traffic, while allowing legitimate visitors uninterrupted access. And that means you can avoid the inconvenience of nasty downtime or costly overage charges.

  2. DDHS Guard is affordable. Peace-of-mind shouldn't cost the earth. We know that the risk of DDoS attack isn't always linked to site income. That's why we've priced our remote DDoS protection solution for maximum accessibility, ensuring that even the most modest web presence can benefit from our comprehensive protection.

  3. DDHS Guard is for everyone. Big, or small - you're still at risk of a DDoS attack. That's why DDHS Guard works with shared, reseller, VPS and even Dedicated hosting solutions. Whatever your size, wherever you are hosted, we'll give you the peace-of-mind that you deserve.

  4. DDHS Guard is versatile. It can be configured in any way possible to fit your needs perfectly, no matter how demanding your DDoS protection requirements may be.

DDHS Guard Packages

  • 250Mbps Bandwidth Filtering Capacity
  • 75Mbps TCP Filtering Capacity
  • 25,000 Packets Per Second (PPS) Capacity
  • 10TB Clean Traffic
  • Unmetered Inbound Traffic
  • Web-Caching Support
  • SSL Support
  • Fully-Transparent Solution
  • NO Contract Required
  • FREE Setup

$149.00/mo - [ORDER NOW]


  • 500Mbps Bandwidth Filtering Capacity
  • 200Mbps TCP Filtering Capacity
  • 50,000 Packets Per Second (PPS) Capacity
  • 20TB Clean Traffic
  • Unmetered Inbound Traffic
  • Web-Caching Support
  • SSL Support
  • Fully-Transparent Solution
  • NO Contract Required
  • FREE Setup

$299.00/mo - [ORDER NOW]


  • 1Gbps Bandwidth Filtering Capacity
  • 500Mbps TCP Filtering Capacity
  • 100,000 Packets Per Second (PPS) Capacity
  • 40TB Clean Traffic
  • Unmetered Inbound Traffic
  • Web-Caching Support
  • SSL Support
  • Fully-Transparent Solution
  • NO Contract Required
  • FREE Setup

$499.00/mo - [ORDER NOW]

  1. How long does it take to setup?
    Setup generally takes up to 24 hours. If you require an emergency setup, be sure to specify this during the checkout process so we can prioritize your order accordingly for the quickest setup time possible.

  2. How do I put my site(s) behind DDHS Guard?
    Setup is simple! Just point your site(s) to the DDoS protected IP provided to you with a DNS A record then you’re done!

  3. Do you offer custom solutions?
    Yes, we do. Contact us outlining your requirements and we can work out a solution to fit your needs perfectly.

  4. How does DDHS Guard work?
    Customer traffic is rerouted through DDHS Guard via a DNS A record, filtered with our proven state of the art filtering techniques, and then legitimate traffic is proxied back to your server.

  5. Can DDHS Guard protect services other than HTTP?
    DDHS Guard by default only protects HTTP, however, it can be configured to protect other services as well. Contact us if you have special requirements and we’ll get you taken care of.

  6. Does DDHS Guard slow down HTTP performance?
    In most cases, no. With DDHS Guard you can actually accelerate HTTP performance and save bandwidth at the same time by utilizing web-caching!

  7. What is web-caching?
    Web-caching is the caching of static web elements such as images, HTML files, JS files, etc., in order to accelerate performance and reduce bandwidth usage.

  8. What types of attacks does DDHS Guard protect against?
    DDHS Guard protects against all types of attacks.

  9. I can use DDHS Guard as a load balancer?
    Yes! DDHS Guard can be configured to distribute traffic amongst your backend servers while simultaneously keeping you protected from the threat of DDoS.

  10. Is DDHS Guard a remote solution?
    Yes, DDHS Guard is a fully remote solution. You can take advantage of all it has to offer no matter where you’re hosted, whether you have a dedicated server, VPS, or shared hosting account.

  11. Is there any contracts?
    No, unlike competitors, there are no contracts at all! No misleading price figures, what you see is what you pay!

  12. I have another question which is not answered in this list. How can I contact you?
    You can get in touch with us at any time by submitting a ticket to our support department.