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    Looking for a rate

    Our new site has been launched and looking for the community on some feedback please. If you can also leave some notes as to why you gave it that rating would be great [but not necessary]

    Ratings from 1 [Bad] to 10 [excellent]

    Site :

    Design -

    Functionality -

    Navigation -

    Content -

    Logo -

    Site Load -

    Some highlights of the design are that we moved away from the darker themes to a more lighter and calm looking one.

    It's integrated with WHMCS on the following pages....

    News = Announcements
    Pricing = WHMCS product creation page linkage
    Quote page = Ticket system (not much integration here but just mentioned it)

    We also did some simple blog integrations and widgets which can be seen at the bottom of each page. One of them being the "Latest work" widget which is automatically updated on the top and inner front page, as well as the bottom of each page once we add portfolio items to the backend.

    Ideally we were going for simple but if the site is confusing please let me know.
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    Ok, here's my view. I'm going to be lazy and only comment on three of your five points

    Design - 7
    I really like your homepage. It's clean and not too cluttered (just don't add much more to it) The reason I made it a 7 is because soon as you hit another page, apart from the logo, tabs and footer it's almost like a different site. I would carry the colour scheme through to other pages a little more. It's that green that stands out for me and makes it work, it's lost outside the homepage.

    Navigation - 7
    Nice and simple, easy to find a way to most content from the top tabs. It's also nice to see they are consistent throughout the pages, I hate it when people use navigation like that and the order or links change on every page.

    I would do something about Services & Pricing. I say that because I hit services which talks about hosting etc, it would be nice to see pricing right away without having to go to another page, or at least a prominent link to pricing on the services page.

    Logo - 4/5
    This lets you down IMO. The arrow graphic thingy I like, but the quality of the company and slogan text is poor, especially on a design that is otherwise good quality. It just doesn't do the rest of the site justice.

    With a few tweaks, you'll have a rather tasty site

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    I do not want to write many and use your rate template but i'd stay that your site style works a bit out-dated... Logo kills any intention to use your services indeed. Good luck!

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    @Loon and @trige , thank you for your responses. We were looking for a softer side to our company but we may have missed that with the introduction to the logo.

    Personally, I think the text might be the issue here with the logo so will go back to the drawing board on that
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    BTW...still looking for some more feedback on the site. Thanks
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    Design = 7
    Navigation = 8
    Logo = 4
    Site Load = 6.5
    Content = 7

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    Design - 7
    Functionality - 8
    Navigation - 9
    Content - 5
    Logo - 2
    Site Load - 8

    Overall I think it's your logo that's letting you down, but the rest of the site is a nice clean design. Good job
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    Hiya mate,

    Design - 10
    It's very cooool. Congrats. You've done a good job. It couldn't have been more perfect.

    Functionality - 7
    Price list is most important thing for people, especially for me
    You should have presented your hosting packs and services with prices on home page. People may not want to surf on your website if they do not understand your prices.

    This page's some parts ought to be on the home page, I think:

    Top menu takes me to https connection, however your SSL certificate doesn't seem working well.

    I liked your whmcs integration. A+ job.

    Navigation - 8
    First of all, top menu shows me what i need. And you also have a very helpful left menu.

    Content - 10
    I am able to see what i need. A very detailed portfolio, your phone number, news about you, who you are, your skills, blog posts etc. There are tons of great contents. Congrats!!!

    Logo - 3
    I have nothing to say.

    Site Load - 6
    I think, SSL connection makes your website slow. Because your SSL doesn't work properly. Google Chrome is warning me about your SSL certificate right now.

    Footer part looks amazing. Twitter, latest blog entries and comments.. A great footer. Lovely.

    Overall view: You've done a grand job. I'd like to congrat you and your team. To be honest, I don't really like dark colours. White, green, orange and all light colours made an elegant view for your website. Perhaps, you would like to change your logo. I really liked your content.

    Thank you,
    - I am a PHP developer. I'm not a webhosting owner, I have never run a webhosting business before.
    - English is not my primary language.

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    Design - 9
    Very neat design, congratulations on the colors, simple, elegant, modern theme.

    Navigation - 10. It does the job

    Logo - No comment. I think it puts that great design off, it looks like it entirely does not go with this amazing design, I would change it if I was in your place.

    Site Load - 5 page load is really slow despite my broadband connection, maybe the SSL?

    Good luck, overall awesome design!

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    Would like to rate

    Design - 5
    Functionality - 4
    Navigation - 5
    Content - 6
    Logo - 5
    Site Load - 7
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    Don't mix hosting with web design services through one brand. That's all I have to say about this.
    hi there!

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    i will rate your website 7/10 i dont like green color you can replace it with other color or green color reflects something or related to your web hosging business?

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