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    Shared Hosting : VPS or Cloud. Does it matter to clients?

    I'm wondering whether there's any difference, real or imaginary (ie marketing guff), to having hosting based on a "normal" VPS and one that's based on cloud technology.

    Now I appreciate that the latter is far more flexible, so as shared hosting clients upgrade and downgrade it's far easier to adjust the underlying VPS to accommodate them - but, in reality, are cloud and non-cloud shared hosting actually two separate products or do customers just not care?

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    Who are your target audience?

    If you are targetting tech savy users then yes there is a big difference, but if you are targetting normal business users/individuals, they won't have a clue or care about the difference.

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    A lot of times, but not always, cloud is just used as a marketing buzz term. For most clients I don't think it will make a huge diffence. They are going to be more concerned with reliability and customer support.

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    For shared hosting customers, i dont think that it really matter that the backend is cloud or vps server, however while selling web space you shall be careful to not to have oversold system resources more than limits.

    Also if any of your user want to upgrade to separate VPS you can offer migration to him/her in such case i think...

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    Cloud is basically an upgrade of normal shared hosting, it's just an added bonus - but I don't think it's essential for standard website owners.

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    I think, some tech savy guys prefer cloud hosting, actually so many end-users don't really even know what is a webhosting. They will be fine with you as long as you keep their websites online and secure. And of course, you will have to be friendly when they need your support. Tech guys are able to do so many things by themselves. Well, in my opinion, answer depends on who is your customer.

    To be honest, I couldn't be sure what is cloud computing exactly. In my opinion, it needs to be explained very well. Cloud hosting seems to be more expensive than traditional hosting. It's so complicated for me at the moment, so I prefer to go with VPS.

    But, I always see new cloud hosting platforms and offers day by day, however so many big players still don't offer cloud computing at all. According to me, cloud computing or cloud hosting seem advertising method. I'm sure there are some real cloud hosting providers, but I dont think every cloud hosting is real cloud hosting. So complicated for me, LOL.
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    This would really depend on the type of business and expected growth and resource client is looking. As with anything else, there are going to be customers attracted to both options depending on the type of features and resources they require. So it's hard to say one is definitely better than the other. However, if price is not a concern, a private cloud with the correct configuration would offer the most optimal solution.
    After all with cloud hosting you will have the option to scale as you want & now a days cloud is mostly preferred by the business owners !!

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    I feel most of the companies sell same VPS accounts under the name of cloud. I have not seen 100% uptime for my friends website hosting on Cloud. So my general feeling is , Cloud is not far different from VPS.There a very few companies that will offer you true Cloud hosting.

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    If the cloud is HA (has high availability) it will make a difference if any hardware goes bad (CPU, HD, PS, ect..) where you would have down time in a normal VPS. But with a HA cloud it should be redundant all over so down time should be almost zero.
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    I always thought VPS was just a VM on a single server (no HA/DRS) and Cloud is a VM on a cluster of servers (HA/DRS)

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    aerical is right. There is a difference between VPS and cloud. Yes, some times marketing departments really skew the meaning, but there is a very definable difference between the two.

    VPS - a master node, some nodes running mostly in isolation.

    Cloud - a master node(s), nodes running in orchestration with the ability to easily upgrade, downgrade, and move virtual servers from one node to another. Storage is often provided by a SAN, or a NAS, and not by local storage on the servers. The network is also architected differently to allow for virtual port profiling and other cloud-related features. By definition, a cloud is much more survivable than plain VPS hosting, and it's very different.

    Lots of cloud features have been ported to more traditional VPS environments, but it's still not the same. Spinning up a cloud server is very different than getting a traditional VPS though. If you want to see what sort of requirements are needed for setting up a small cloud, check out OnApp's system requirements.

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