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    Xperia S someone?

    Does someone owns or plans to get a Sony Xperia S?

    I was going to get a HTC One S but after some issues I pointed already here:

    This phone is on my sights.

    What do you think? It looks great for the price. Price 580$ to 590$, same as HTC One S.

    Specs wise, the Xperia seems a better.

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    I don't like HTC android phones anymore since my droid incredible...they are just uninspired to me.

    I love Sony's hardware so get Xperia S

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    Personally I am an HTC Fan, I have had several HTC Phones (OG EVO 4G, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC EVO 3D) and I am planning for my next phone to be another HTC (HTC EVO 4G LTE, Sprint's exclusive version of the One X).

    I personally do not like the design of the Sony Phones. I also do not like that Sony is not nearly as open to developers as HTC is (although they are moving to that direction).
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    I would recommend checking out some of the newer phones coming out right now. The Xperia S is not something I would personally buy.

    First off what network are you using?
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