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    An entry at Knowledge base - typical response times

    Perhaps an entry could be added to a Knowledge base describing how much time would typically pass before a certain type of support request is handled?

    That could at least eliminate some part of posts starting "No response from Support..." and the like.

    Yes, I know most people prefer not to read FAQs/knowledge base. But some still do.
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    Perhaps, but even a few updates per day explaining that the Support is working on the issue is still better then nothing at all. How is one supposed to know if the problem is even being addressed, if they fail to even address the customer.

    I do agree though, jumping the gun on the whole "Their support is horrible" is a bit pre-mature, unless it has been something like 48 hours without a response. In my books though, anything with no response after a few hours, even if it is the "We are working on it", is not good business.

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