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    Software/System Administrator/Installer Needed

    Hello. I am looking for some sort of Administrator to be payed, I'm not quite sure how, hourly, weekly, monthly but I just need someone to help me. It requires monitoring and setting up servers. Also knowledge in WHMCS and GameGP. I need someone with lots of experience so if you think you fit the job please reply to this post and I will PM you details. Thanks!

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    I have many years experience with all of the following products you are talking about and I own and operate a web hosting company myself. Please PM me some details and hopefully we will be able to work together.
    DJ Anderson
    Need Hosting?

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    Many years of experience in programming and server administration. Contact me on skype: spidopc or email spidopc at gmail

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    I can help you with the setup of your servers, as well as for monitoring. PM me.

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    I have 12 years experience working as a Sys Admin (Lamp Stack systems). I also have substantial experience with CPanel and the WHMCS as well as a number of similar systems. PM me if you are still looking


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    I have been working in several companies as installer account manager sales rep and much more, i have 5 years experience of managing companies.Please PM me, so we can talk.

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    I have PM'D many people. Talking with a few. If you think you would really work then send me a PM. Thanks

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    Is this position filled up?

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    we are interested. Please provide an ID to email resume

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    am really interesting but i cannot PM mail me at aalves at

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    I have the experience you need. Worked with various systems but mostly in the Web Hosting Arena. If you are interested, message me. Thanks.
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