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    best way of partitioning for Debian

    hello everyone
    i decided to install Debian 64-bit and it's for the first time. i want to use manual partitioning and i have some questions :

    1- is it better to use LVM?
    2- if i use LVM will other partitions be created under root (/)? (please tell me about how exactly LVM is going to act here)
    3- which format should i choose for each of my partitions considering i am going to use direct admin on it? (ext2, ext3, ext4 and ...)
    4- what are the best sizes for each partition on a system with 2TB HDD and 32GB RAM?

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    ok, no one answered me here but i came to some understanding about my questions, here you go :

    1- LVM is good if you think you might be short on space on 1-2 of your important partitions. for example if your /home does not have enough space, LVM helps you to add space too it far more easier than the time you didn't made your partitions without LVM . it's something like have a dynamic partition (or something like that but not that simple!)
    2- each of the partitions are separate and the / will not include other partitions if you create them separately even if you use LVM.
    3- for partitions bigger than 6GB you'd better use ext3 filesystem.
    4- i'm still thinking about it!

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    The way you partition depends on what your intentions for the server.

    1.) I prefer LVM for most cases because you can resize partitions and setup snapshot backups among other things.
    2.) You setup LVM however you want it.
    3.) Just go with ext4, depending on what you do you probably won't notice a difference.
    4.) If you are using Directadmin refer to - Host on Cloudrck
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