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    * Please review our games website.

    Hey everyone.

    I would like to gather some opinions, suggestions, improvements for our re-vamped games website, vgen. (

    Many Thanks All.
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    Well, nobody can say you're short of content, but I'm not sure I get it.

    Reviews & content just seem to be pasted from Design and structure ok for that type of site I guess, though a little 'busy' for me. I just don't understand what's unique.

    Unless I missed something.

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    just another site about games,
    you need to have something that will stand you out from others.

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    it looks nice, and seems like a nice way to get reviews and then make a purchase.

    For me though it did load a little slowly, but that might be just me.

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    Nice site but reminds me of / (not so much 1up). But really it's super hard to stand out from other gaming sites these days -- heck were facing the same problem with our own gaming news site too!

    Didn't really check out the content as I'm on my phone do I can't add to that.

    Btw, pm incoming soon! I have a question about the coding of your site!

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    If you only want design-specific review, feel free to ignore what I am going to say.

    Why shouldn't I just visit GameSpot instead?

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    Design wise, I think you've got a great site there. The colour scheme is good, the effects of the amazon tab is nicely done and fits in well.

    The only complaint I'd have is that it does look very cluttered towards the bottom of the page - maybe a bit more spacing between each item would fix this, but as I'm not a big gamer, maybe that's the in-thing with games sites, and I'm just considerably less cool than I once was
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