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    Which Brand Laptops are Good??

    Which Brand of Laptops I will go through? Because i want to buy.

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    Most laptops and computers are made by the same manufacturers. So they're all about the same. I'm partial to HP's designs over say Dell as far as that goes. But overall there is not much difference in build quality. The real difference comes down to which brand offers the warranty and features you are looking for. Some brands demand a higher quality with respect to the components. But again, for the most part they are generally the same on most models.

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    I would have to agree with Mike. Most laptops are made from the same manufacturers. Just found one with a good warranty. I have a HP laptop that power apt started to act up right after my warrenty ran out. But, I have another HP laptop touchscreen that seems to be working good. So I would say HP, Dell, and Gateway have some of the best laptops. - Hosting Made Easy!!!!
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    Personally, HP. IBM used to be decent until the Lenovo buyout and since then the build quality is poor.

    No experience with Dell for about 6+ years so can't comment.

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    I would go for Toshiba anytime or Dell. IF you can afford a big budget, get MACbook.
    HP-> Only looks good but overall is a pure crap. 4 notebook, average lifetime 2.5 mo.

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    I've had good experience with Samsung Netbooks and laptops, always well made and the included software for power management / webcam etc has always been pretty good too.

    If it's for business use, then go Dell. Consider the dell outlet, you can often get some unbelievable deals on there and if you are lucky many include a 3 year next day onsite warranty as well.
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    All the notebooks (both Gaming and General Purpose/Use) were ASUS branded. They serve me well and they have a good warranty behind them.

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    I've had terrible, multiple experiences with HP/Compaq laptops, avoid them if you can. A lot of keyboard, cheap parts, and overheating issues. Sony Vaio is a great line. As is Lenovo/IBM, Samsung, even Toshiba.

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    My laptop was Compaq, it had many problems like LCD broken, cracked case, overheating.
    I don't use laptop anymore since.

    I read a reliability benchmark long ago which says ASUS is the most reliable.

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    For All. I advice and recommend ASUS the best and most reliable with free special features dedicated for ASUS.

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    my laptop asus a43s with 6 GB memory with ice cool technology,
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    Lenovo and Dell business models are pretty solid. That said, my wife's Lenovo (not sure on model), has fallen from about 1 - 1.5ft many times, and still going strong.

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    I was surprised to hear that laptops are pretty much generic with a manufacturer's label on the case. As far as reliability goes, every poll or article will tell you something different. That was my experience anyway. I had a dell that lasted about five years before I got rid of it. I have 2 Gateways now. I've been happy with all of them. The batteries suck, though. I use them as desktop replacements so I don't mind much.
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    dell is much better then Toshiba - I personally use Dell - Inspiron 1525

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    samsung are very good

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