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    Question Exedente pay bandwidth

    Hello, I bought a dedicated server at a company with 100mb port and bandwidth of 10 tb for a client of mine, but a hacker came to invade and use the network link to 1g per second generating an invoice for $ 16,000.
    Now I wonder if I bought a dedicated server with 100mb port and 10TB traffic limit the company should not block the server after atigir the band? Because it simply generated the invoice did not ask me more if I want to have more bandwidth.
    What do you think?


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    Did they give you any notice of the overages before the invoice hit?

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    They told me that the system sends an e-mail with 80% of the band, but not spotted in the email box, I am their client to 3 years


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    $16,000 seems quite steep even for a full 1Gbps dedicated pipe!
    If you bought a 100Mbit server you should not have been able to push more than that.

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    Check with your provider and explain the situation, if this invoice was raised automatically they may be unaware of it.
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    i too had a situation when my ex host sent me invoice stating i used 2.2gbps on my 1gbps port only after contacting them issue was resolved as mistake on their side, contact your host ask them how you used 1gbps on 100mbit port ? don't forget to keep screenshots of bw usage stats if avaialble.

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    If you are only supposed to have a 100mbps port, it should be impossible to use more than 33tb / mo. If they incorrectly set your port speed to 1gbps, that is their fault and not yours. At the very most, you should not be liable for any overage beyond 33tb / mo, because the port speed that you asked to get is only capable of that amount of transfer in a month.
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    It all depends on your agreement.
    The only way you are can burst to 1GE is that you are already on a 1GE uplink.
    Now assuming you did fully use the 1GE for more than 36 hours (95%) , I will have difficulties accepting $16,000 1GE .
    $16,000 are those USD?
    How much do they charge for 1GE?
    3 years in business with them might help the situation as there is some trust there // Can you talk to management about this?

    P.S. In all cases, have a backup plan in place!

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    This is quite funny... I wonder who would actually pay $16,000 of overage at all?

    Lets say they gave you a 10TB BW allocation and you went over bursting at 1Gbps for the ENTIRE MONTH. You would still be over by 320TB only. By simple calculation, $16,000 for 320TB is basically $50/TB. That's a huge load of money for 1TB overage and that's considering that you're actually bursting for ONE WHOLE MONTH. Did they leave it at that?

    Further to this, the provider would have been quite careless if they didn't actually notice that your overage is starting to get excessive when this happened. Any decent provider would have started to alert you or tried to contact you when they monitored this happening. I don't know why they didn't tell you about it or etc but it's also negligence on their side as well.
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    I would venture to guess if you discuss it with them directly, they can come to a reasonable agreement that you both will feel comfortable with. That being said, if you are on a 100Mbps port, there should not be anyway you would be able to push 1Gbps at all.I would add my agreement with the 33TB transfer amount. Anything beyond that would be their mistake, again if you are on a 100Mbps port.
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    I made an agreement with the data center and paid the amount of $ 500.
    The value of GB is 0.15 exesso them by GB.
    Now figuring that I have used 10 TB before the months, and a hacker hacked the server, and what traffic on a port 100mb at the end of the month less 10tb?
    I have the IP of the hacker is possible to do something against it? Saudi Arabia!


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