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    Question Eurovps cutting back on support after upgrade incentive?

    I recently signed up with Eurovps and was impressed with the support initially, in spite of a few problems (some due to my own ignorance, some due to a virus attack and some apparently due to their misconfiguration).

    Recently, they offered a free upgrade on the VPS and 12 months for the price of 15 if you went from a monthly to annual contract, so I jumped at it. 3 weeks later, no upgrade.

    Meanwhile, a series of problems due, as far as I can ascertain, to them misconfiguring things, lead me to need urgent support. As I was appearing to go around in circles with the problem and had no email all week, I called the support number. 1st time, I was told I was second in the queue and wait time was 2 mins...I hung up after 30 mins. Second time, I was told I was second in the queue and wait time was less 2 mins...I hung up after 90 mins. The 24/7 chat was off line. Each time the quoted wait time steadily increased a minute at a time.

    Later, I got on chat and was told it was only for admin & sales (although he did chase my support ticket), also they didn't have a support line, in spite of it being option 4 on their main phone line. I asked why the site listed phone/email/chat/ticket support. The answer was "Oh, erh, where did you see that? We are making some changes" and direct questions about what support would be offered were avoided. I surmise that only ticket support will be offered now we have locked ourselves into longer contracts. I have asked for mine to be put on hold pending a concrete answer.

    Has anyone had similar experiences? Eurovps seems to be like Marmite/Vegemite, i.e. some love them and others hate them. If I don't stay with them, who is BDSM site friendly and offers a good service for a reasonable price? I should add that my experience with hosting/CPanel etc is very limited but I learn fast, so I need one that suffers fools gladly :-)
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    I'm pretty sure they don't offer phone support, and never have -- use the ticket system. I've been using them for 6 years now, and the only time we've ever talked is to go over advanced tickets. (As to why a phone offers the option? Who knows. It may have just come as the default setting on some new phone system, and it's not yet been changed.)

    Control panel generated emails often go to spam filters at popular free webmail providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc). I always add filters to my accounts, so that emails from hosts never go to trash or spam. For example, the keyword "eurovps" in the from field overrides the spam filter, and puts the mail in my inbox.

    I know of several great hosts, but am not immediately certain on what they allow/disallow on content.
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    They list all 4 methods of support on the site in FAQ yesterday certainly, inc phone

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