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    /etc/passwd and /etc

    Hi is normal that some user in the sistem can list files in /etc and /etc/password?

    Can you confirm if this is true:
    is normal that the server allow a user to list all users with php? This is part of a cPanel server, this is done by getting a list of the directories in /home/

    Is normal that a user with php can see all contenct of /etc?
    The contents of the /etc shouldn't be 100% viewable but yes some files will be viewable

    is normal that a user can check the /etc/passwd?
    All users must be able to access this file in order for the operating system to spawn shells

    I want to know if is safely that one user with php can read /etc/passwd an see al information that this file have

    Thanks, Daniel.

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    Enabling open_basedir should remedy this for you.
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    Perfectly normal and safe for users to be able to view /etc/passwd and most files under the /etc/ directory. As Chris pointed out, it's the /etc/shadow file that the users shouldn't be able to read - it's what contains the actual password hashes.
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