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    Google apps email SMTP Authentication error after WHM upgrade

    I recently moved to a new VPS provider and currently running a couple of WIP joomla sites. I have configured google apps email on the sites and everything was working fine till about Apr 5, emails were being sent out from sites.

    Now after Apr 5, when I logged in, I saw that WHM was automatically upgraded to version 11.32. Then my emails stopped working on all the joomla sites hosted on the VPS with the error

    "SMTP Error! Could not authenticate"

    Joomla mail settings are the usual

    Mailer: SMTP Server
    From Email: [email protected]
    From Name: name

    SMTP Authentication: Yes
    SMTP Security: SSL
    SMTP Port: 465
    SMTP Username: [email protected]
    SMTP Password: [-password-]
    SMTP Host:

    The same configuration is working on different joomla sites on different servers. I have contacted my host and they are also trying to figure out the problem, but no luck till now.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Any chance whether you're using csf firewall and it blocked the port? :: Care Hosting With Value Price
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    Earlier when I had setup gmail for the first time on the VPS, port 465 was not allowed in CSF and it was showing error "Could not connect to SMTP host"

    Then I allowed port 465 on CSF firewall and it was working fine till the WHM upgrade. Now its throwing the error "Could not authenticate"

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    What's the mail script phpmailer? Can you check is your connect url ssl://

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    Quote Originally Posted by enigma-1 View Post
    What's the mail script phpmailer? Can you check is your connect url ssl://
    Sorry I am not able to understand you question, am not a programmer.

    Any other pointers, the host is also clueless till now

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