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    Sales Rep


    I'm in the process of launching my new business and I need some help

    I'm looking to hire a Sales representative in the UK.

    English Speaking.
    Good spelling/Grammar.

    Sales Rep:
    Promote our business and bring in new clients.
    You will earn 26.5% on every sale and could turn into a fixed salary depending on the amount of sales per month.

    25% off any services we have to offer.
    Free website + hosting to promote our business

    Please contact me via private message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Best Regards,
    Ross Pickering

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    I am interested in your offer, I don't have a way to privately contact you do you have an email?

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    I am interested in this and I can handle the chat support for you. Let me know more details on this

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    Do you have site with all your services ?

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    The business is going live 19-04-12 the site is complete and everything is in place.

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