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    Linux Server Admin Needed (Video/file serving)


    I'm looking for an experienced server administrator to help us out re-configure our video serving platform.

    Currently we have 4 servers from 100TB, each server holds the same video file. Videos are in MP4 format and is served using nginx (h264 mp4 pseudo-streaming). Current traffic is at 4,000 concurrent users online. I want to hire someone experienced in this field to optimize our nginx config and our server config/setup to further maximize the performance. Other ideas or approach is welcome (eg: lighttpd, red5, fms instead of nginx if you think it'll be better)

    This is a project-based job.

    PM me with your qualifications/past work/expected salary.

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    Definitely interested with a great deal of experience. Unable to PM, can you please provide an email address?

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    We have sent you a PM and look forward to having further discussion. Thank you!
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    am interesting can you mail me ar aalves[at]

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